Advanced Wellbeing: Digitale Techniken der Vermessung von Affekten in der Cyberpsychologie

von Lisa Schreiber

Beitrag zur Ausgabe Privatheit und Quantifizierbarkeit (5.1/2016). | Volltext

Abstract: The interdisciplinary research field affective computing, a combination of psychology and computer sciences, seeks to design and develop digital devices that can recognize and simulate human affect and emotions. This article presents two examples from this field that problematize the concept of privacy in the digital age: first, a virtual therapist that can simulate a therapy consultation, and second a digital device developed to read minds by analyzing facial expressions. The focus of the article is less on matters of privacy protection in affective computing, but on questions of how the border between private and public is realigned in the digital age and how the production of a private sphere is needed to foster the relationship and communication between humans and machines.

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